Welcome to Slipstream Organics

We are in the process of updating our website this week, so some areas are incomplete. Please bear with us during this transition.

Established in 1994, Slipstream Organics has been delivering high quality, organically grown, fresh produce directly to households in the Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud region. We aim to be a strong link between our local, organic growers and those customers that seek a better quality of food.

Over time we have established and developed very good connections with a number of organic growers, who are also dedicated to ensuring you receive some of the best produce this region has to offer. Alongside our mixed vegetable boxes we can also offer local free-range organic eggs, and an extensive range of Hobbs House Bakery organic bread which we receive fresh each morning. We also have a selection of mixed organic fruit boxes which we supplement with imported, organic produce when no local fruit is available.

Our vegetable boxes reflect what is being grown in this region, and as such will change through the seasons. A doorstep delivery ensures you receive the produce in optimum condition.

Bespoke Orders for 2014 – If you prefer to choose the contents of your box, change it’s size, or want to add extra items to your existing order, please click on ‘Bespoke Boxes’. Here you will be able to access our comprehensive produce list and select those items you require in the quantities you want. There are no extra charges for using this facility, the prices for the bespoke produce are the same as we charge for our standard boxes.